Save 50% on Select T Cell Markers
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This spring, as part of our commitment to the success of your research, we're extending 50% savings on over 100 of our trusted antibodies and reagents. Now, it's easier than ever to Invest in consistent and accurate results without breaking your budget!

T-Cell Markers:

• CD3 • CD4 • CD8a
• CD3e • CD8  

Available formats:

• APC • PE-Cyanine7
• APC-Cyanine7 • PerCP
• Biotin • PerCP-Cyanine5.5
• FITC • Purified
• In Vivo Ready™ • redFluor™ 710
• PE • violetFluor™ 450
• PE-Cyanine5 • violetFluor™ 500

**Available formats vary per antigen.**

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  • Save 50% on Select T Cell Markers.
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  • Valid through April 30, 2021 on direct orders only.
  • Cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions, except for free shipping promotion.
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