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Recombinant Proteins

  • Lyophilized for increased stability
  • Carrier-free for flexible use in vitro or in vivo 

Explore a wide selection of recombinant proteins, a powerful tool that can be employed within the cell analysis workflow for cell culture, proliferation, migration, differentiation, and other studies. 

Choose from a comprehensive portfolio of:

• Chemokines
• Growth, Differentiation & Stem Cell Factors
• Interleukins & Related Cytokines
• Neurotrophic Factors
• Proteases
• TGF-β Superfamily
• TNF Superfamily

Quality Assured!

Each recombinant protein produced is quality control tested and approved by our scientists, guaranteeing the quality you need to succeed! In this example, a proliferation assay of Recombinant Human IL-2 (21-8029) was conducted using CTLL-2 cell line. The data reflects two independent lots, demonstrating consistent quality for each lot!

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